Beverly Allen Disocactus cv (Hybrid)

About the Paintings

The simple truthfulness of botanical painting is immensely appealing, as is the rigour of accurate botanical representation and the challenge of capturing the natural posture and personality of a plant.

To see the drying, crumpling petals of a flower contrast with the swelling of the ripening seed pod, to watch buds opening and petals unfold to their moment of glory and to paint from that wonderful cycle is sheer delight.

Inspiration is never a problem. Rare and unusual plants intrigue, and often out-of-fashion garden favourites find a new life. A showy beauty from the florist is always a possibility. Sometimes just the seed will be painted, in some works every stage of the life-cycle of the plant will be illustrated.

A painting begins with a drawing from life, and usually life-size. Then working in watercolour on Arches paper, colours are layered and blended to capture the play of light and shade that creates the form.

Some paintings are executed on vellum to achieve a greater luminosity for particular subjects.

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